Chiropractic Care and Wellness for Pregnancy, Postpartum and Infants in Portland, Oregon

Do you need a chiropractor you can trust during your pregnancy and postpartum care?

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You know the adage 'You cannot pour from an empty vessel'? It's true.

Caring for yourself allows you to give the best care to your family. Today we are operating at a nearly unsustainable breakneck speed, usually putting ourselves last on the never-ending list of things to do. This is often true whether you have had a traumatic birth or the labors of everyday life are wreaking havoc on your body. At Jewell Chiropractic, we assure you that you are worthy of the care you need.

Are you ready to take care of yourself through chiropractic care designed for you?

Find holistic care and freedom from pain through treatment that is customized for you.

Self-Care Made Simple

We take the time to listen to your story and find a treatment style that works for you. We use a combination of adjustments, muscle work and rehabilitative strengthening that fits into your life.
We are not here to just crack your back and get you out the door. We take our time with you in 30, 45 or 60-minute appointments so we can get the results you need.
We desire to create a plan that will see you through pregnancy and postpartum life in optimal health – so you can be there for your family!

Infants & Children

Gift your newborn safe, natural, and gentle support from a chiropractor who specializes in infants and children.

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Seeing a prenatal chiropractor is a safe and natural alternative for pain relief to complement your other prenatal care

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Overcome the postural issues created caring for your new baby and reduce childbirth-related muscular tension.

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Round out your self-care with a wellness-boosting medical-grade massage that promotes healing from injury and physical trauma.

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Additional Offerings

We treat the whole person, not just the spine or body. Our additional therapies allow us to get the best results for you.

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Patrick & CierraPatrick & Cierra
04:59 17 Feb 23
I first started going to Jewell Chiropractic in hopes to get my breech baby to flip. It worked! I see Dr. Alyssa each time and she is very friendly and has great tips for stretches and exercises to do on my own as well. I wish I would have known about prenatal chiropractic with my first two pregnancies. It really has been a game changer in helping me feel better and more comfortable in my hardest pregnancy. I highly recommend seeing them if you are pregnant!
Tia SharpTia Sharp
22:35 03 Jan 23
Dr. Jewell has built a practice that includes whole wellness and is totally patient centered. She deserves all the success that is coming her way. She's earned it by putting excellent work into the world and specifically into women's health.Thank you for the whole wellness care you gave me when I was in need. I would not be as far along in my physical - and emotional - injury recovery processes without you.
Jasmine Brewster PiperJasmine Brewster Piper
23:07 17 Dec 22
Dr. Chloe is an incredible doctor. She listened to my concerns, validated and assured me. She has great bed side manner and was very personable. I felt comfortable and safe in our appointment. I felt a lot of relief afterwards. I cannot wait until my next appointment!
Lia VanderzwartLia Vanderzwart
17:34 15 Nov 22
Jewell Chiropractic is hands down the beat women’s wellness clinic! Ive been a client since I was pregnant with my third child. Lisa Jewell helped me in my last trimester with abdominal separation. We held it at bay with her expertise. When Lisa is not available I have great experiences with the other drs in the office. Katie Kanda has been a go to for me! Krista, the masseuse has helped me with relaxation and rejuvenate my muscles bouncing them back to making me feel 100%. If you are a woman in Portland, OR and need physical help please do yourself a favor and head to Jewell Chiropractic where the staff is kind, helpful, relatable and a safe place!
Ashley CoatesAshley Coates
00:27 10 Nov 22
I have seen both Dr. Katie and Dr. Lisa, and they are both phenomenal. My baby girl has seen Dr. Alyssa, who is also wonderful. The care that all of their practitioners have shown me goes above and beyond what I've ever experienced from health care professionals. I'm a new mom, and they recently helped get me set up to nurse in their clinic when my baby girl was hungry, bringing me a boppy, water, and turning on calming music in one of their rooms. They also sent me home with three packages of diapers. They have a whole space set up in their entry area for parents to drop off perinatal items, free for anyone to take who may need them. The space they have created at their clinic for women and mamas is unique and so special.
Adrienne BrowningAdrienne Browning
17:05 21 Jun 22
You need this magical place in your life. Early in my pregnancy I started with Katie because I have some chronic neck and back issues I wanted to keep in check during the transformation of pregnancy. Now nearing the end of my pregnancy I can confidently say seeing Katie has been the single best thing I have done for myself through this unique time in life. My body comes with a lot of baggage and Katie's ability to listen to my body and peel back its onion layers surpasses every body worker I have seen over the last 15+ years. Not only is Katie's chiropractic body work top of its class, Katie's kindness and sensitivity makes me feel safe and secure in my body, my pregnancy, and my ability to be a parent. You will not regret investing in this exceptional care!


How do we achieve holistic health and wellness during and after pregnancy?

At Jewell Chiropractic, we are here to help heal and support you. We firmly believe that preventative care is key to helping you avoid invasive surgery or expensive drugs to treat or mask problems that you could have avoided in the first place.

Are you one of the ever-growing number of people seeking an alternative to today's healthcare system? Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on treating disease once it occurs, regular chiropractic care focuses on wellness and prevention.

We often hear stories from patients who suffered from chronic pain or took medication for a long time, only to find that a series of chiropractic visits cleared up their problem! This is why we do what we do: to help you live life to the fullest and pain-free.

We get your detailed history and provide a thorough examination to create a custom-tailored treatment plan that fits into YOUR life and is specific to your needs and goals. Furthermore, we love to collaborate with other providers, such as mental health therapists, naturopaths, and midwives. If we do not provide the service, we can refer you to someone we trust. That is our pledge to you – do to everything in our power to provide holistic health and healing for you.

This is self-care made simple.


Easy Scheduling for Chiropractic Care
in Portland, Oregon

Are you looking for a Portland chiropractor for yourself or your child? Here is how to get started: When scheduling for the first time, you will be prompted to make an account. For your convenience, you can also use your Facebook or Google login. You will also be prompted to enter your credit card information, securely stored, on file for fast and easy checkout and online bill pay for the future. Your card will never be charged without your knowledge. We cannot hold Health Savings or Benefit cards on file; if you wish to use your Health savings card, please bring it with you to your appointment and place another card on file.


If you are a new patient, a link to our new patient paperwork will be available at the end of your booking. If you do not have time to complete it at the time of scheduling, you will receive a link via email to finish at your convenience.


Order Supplements

We use Fullscript to deliver our recommended supplements directly to your home.

For privacy protection, you will be prompted to create an account and log in to view products and/or place your order. This is also how we can give you your special discount! Once you are logged in, you can search for products or look at our protocol recommendations.


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