About Dr. Katie


A Caring Approach

Dr. Katie Kanda (pronounced like panda with a "K") is a holistic physician who believes that everything is connected. She will work with your body — not against it— to gently uncover the root of imbalance, restoring your body’s natural ability to heal itself physically, mentally + emotionally. Her passion is to serve as a guide for a whole-self approach to wellbeing, bridging the gaps between the science + art of healthcare.

Specializing in the gentle + compassionate care of women, pregnancy, and pediatrics, she pulls from her advanced trainings as a birth doula, intuitive chiropractic adjustment techniques (everything is completely safe for mama + baby!), Craniosacral Therapy, BIRTHFIT training, Functional Medicine, whole foods nutrition, yoga + mind-body medicine to customize your treatments that facilitate true healing.

You're Worth It

You are worth investing in. It is no small task to take time out of your busy schedule to hopefully find a provider you trust, who will actually *listen* to you and your body. Here, we will work together to customize treatments to meet your exact needs + expectations. We are so grateful for your time, and your trust. You deserve somebody who sees you as a whole person -- mind + body -- not just a set of chart notes. Through gentle + intuitive techniques, we create a safe space for you to unwind any old injuries, pain, trauma or traumatic birth-with the traumatic birth that is no longer serving you. Now you have a guide to walk alongside you as you heal, as you find vitality + wellness that feels realistic + authentic to you. You deserve it.

Dr. Katie Kanda
Board Certified
Chiropractic Physician
in Portland, Oregon



I believe that the body speaks very clearly once we learn how to listen. Often we have spent far too long disconnected from our bodies, so the work we do together --especially prenatally + postpartum -- can be a powerful catalyst to restore your relationship with your body.


Take care and live a life of wellness.

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