Auto Accidents


We Make Self-Care Simple

Have you or your family been involved in an auto accident?

Doctors of Chiropractic can see you immediately following an accident and help get you feeling back to yourself.

Even seemingly minor auto collisions can lead to painful long-term conditions when not treated properly. We believe proper diagnosis and efficient treatment is the quickest way to reduce pain and restore function.

A lot of people don’t believe you can sustain an injury in a low speed collision, however whiplash can occur in speeds as low as 5 MPH. Symptoms from whiplash can be delayed anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days following an accident, so it is important to monitor yourself for symptoms. In addition to pain in your neck and back, common whiplash symptoms can include:

◆ Headaches

◆ Dizziness

◆ Jaw pain

◆ Impaired memory or concentration

◆ Changes in Vision.

◆ Tingling in your extremities

◆ Numbness, tingling or weakness in your arms or legs.

◆ Difficulty swallowing or breathing

◆ Pupils that appear different in size


Was your child also in the car?

It is important to note that children often show symptoms differently. Symptoms to look for in children include.

◆ Change in mood

◆ Change in appetite

◆ Change in sleep pattern. Unable to fall asleep easily, waking frequently or increased sleep.

◆ Pulling of ears

◆ Hitting head with hands

◆ Complaining of neck or back pain.


It is also important to note that all car seats that were involved in a collision need to be replaced regardless of the severity of the collision.

The last thing you want to deal with during this time is insurance and bills, Our billing service work with you to take the burden of medical billing off your plate and handles claims on your behalf. We are always available for any questions or concerns you have about your motor vehicle accident coverage.


Take care and live a life of wellness.

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