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3 Reasons to Consider Newborn Chiropractic Care

Newborn chiropractic care provides parents with supportive assistance in their baby’s overall wellness. And just like chiropractic care for adults, ...
Working with a prenatal chiropractor can help you prepare your pelvic floor for delivery.

Preparing Your Pelvic Floor for Birth

Preparing your pelvic floor for birth is something you may not have heard of as you get ready for delivery. ...

The Power of Eliminating Fear from Your Birth Experience

Let’s start this conversation by first clarifying that there is no “right” way to birth your baby. This experience will ...
Fresh air, exercise, and vitamin D all help combat postpartum depression.

How To Address Postpartum Depression Naturally

When you’ve just brought a new baby into the world, everyone tells you it should be a joyous, exciting time ...
New parents benefit from joining a support group.

Is a New Parent Support Program Right for You?

Becoming a parent for the first time is an intense experience. It can feel overwhelming, exciting, joyful, and scary all ...
Babywearing is a popular practice, but be sure to follow best practices to protect your back and hips.

5 Babywearing Tips from a Postpartum Chiropractor

Babywearing is an ancient practice that has seen a rise in popularity in recent generations. The physical demands of parenting ...

It’s Safe to See a Chiropractor During Pregnancy? Yes — And Here’s Why You Should

When you're pregnant, there are so many things to think about — what to name your baby, where you're going ...

The Best Time to Start Prenatal Chiropractor Visits

Chiropractic care is a great way to stay healthy when pregnant. But when should you start seeing a prenatal chiropractor? ...

3 Tips from a Prenatal Chiropractor for Better Postpartum Recovery

It's been a long nine months, and you're finally ready to meet your new baby! You've been looking forward to ...

5 Questions to Ask Your Prenatal Chiropractor | Portland, Oregon

Pregnancy is a time of change for both mom and baby. Prenatal chiropractic care can help you stay in alignment ...

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