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5 tips for breastfeeding success | Jewell Chiropractic

By Dr. Lisa Jewell Founder of Jewell Chiropractic   Breastfeeding is a wonderful, natural way to nourish your baby. However, ...

Postpartum Recovery: When can I start exercising again after giving birth?

By Dr. Lisa Jewell Founder of Jewell Chiropractic   Postpartum recovery is a personal experience, and each woman's journey will ...

Charlies Birth Story

Pregnancy was not the magical experience I had always envisioned it would be, and the lead up to the birth ...

Chiropractic Tips for Sciatica and Aches and Pains of Pregnancy

One of the more common pregnancy pains I treat as a chiropractor is sciatica. Growing a baby is a wondrous ...

Pelvic Floor Wellness Postpartum

How to feel your pelvic floor, heal your pelvic floor and live a life of wellness! I’ve learned in my ...
nutrition for women

Nutrition for Women

Nutrition is a hot button topic, especially for women. While on the flip side of that coin we know that ...
reducing mom stress

Reducing Mom Stress

Practicing Self Compassion for Reducing Mom Stress We all know about stress and the negative effects it can have on ...
mom guilt remedy

The Mom Guilt Remedy

I know you've heard it and felt it, let's talk about the mom guilt remedy. I’m going to take you ...
stay fit mama

8 Ways to Stay Fit Mama

Because sometimes the gym, barre and yoga just aren’t in the cards, check out these examples of ways to stay ...

Diastasis Recti and A Mom’s Anatomy

I had a patient who was 20 weeks along come in the other day and say, “I really can’t feel ...

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