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January 29, 2024


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In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, creating an inclusive environment is essential for providing effective and compassionate care. One crucial aspect of fostering belonging in the medical world is the use of identity-inclusive language. The Jewell staff is learning more and more about navigating inclusive language in a medical setting.

At Jewell Chiropractic, our doctors and other providers are intentional about using language and terminology that allows everyone to feel comfortable in our space. We want our staff and patients to feel safe here, and inclusive language is a significant part of that process. No matter how you identify, the Jewell staff invites you to our Portland, OR, office to get the treatment you need. You can book your next appointment through our online portal.

Understanding Inclusive Language


Inclusive language involves using words and expressions that recognize and respect the diversity of individuals and communities. It goes beyond avoiding offensive terms and extends to actively acknowledging and validating various identities. In particular, inclusive verbiage and terminology surrounding gender identity are vital.

Navigating inclusive language takes practice and intentionality to create a safe space in the clinic.

In a medical context, using inclusive language is particularly crucial, as patients come from diverse backgrounds and have unique experiences that impact their healthcare needs.

Navigating Inclusive Language at Jewell

To create a safe place for our staff and patients, the Jewell Chiropractic team strives to use language that honors each individual. We use our patient’s correct pronouns and use gender-neutral terms if we don’t yet know your pronouns. Our thorough intake process allows us to respect and utilize your preferred language, pronouns, and terms.

Depending on your preferences, we use inclusive language such as the following phrases:

Cultural Sensitivity

Everyone who walks through the door at Jewell Chiropractic has their own lived experience. We acknowledge and respect cultural differences by using terminology that reflects an understanding of diverse backgrounds. We aim to avoid assumptions about cultural practices and beliefs and take the time to learn about your preferences.

Image of Black woman receiving chiropractic treatment.

Given the historical and ongoing systemic mistreatment of marginalized groups by the medical world, it is crucial that we treat each client with the respect and dignity they deserve.

If you’re looking for a welcoming, healing space in the Portland Metro area, we hope you’ll come to see us at Jewell Chiropractic. With massage, chiropractic care, IBCLC support, and more, our team is eager to help you feel your best at every stage of life. Reach out with any questions, or book your next appointment or class today.

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