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May 25, 2022


Fresh air, exercise, and vitamin D all help combat postpartum depression.

When you’ve just brought a new baby into the world, everyone tells you it should be a joyous, exciting time in your life. But for many new parents, the days and weeks after childbirth can bring postpartum depression that can linger for a long time. There are many treatment options, including ways to address postpartum depression naturally.

At Jewell Chiropractic, we support new parents through all of their postpartum changes. We offer a wide range of services, from chiropractic care to massage therapy, to benefit the whole person. Reach out today to learn more about how we can support your health. 

Can I Address Postpartum Depression Naturally?

Postpartum depression is a serious medical condition that requires attention. Don’t try to “power through” without getting treatment. If you experience prolonged sadness that impacts your life every day, it is crucial to reach out for help. Make sure your support network and healthcare provider know what you are experiencing. 


Parents who are breastfeeding often have concerns about taking medications. Fortunately, there are many non-pharmaceutical options available for postpartum depression that may give you relief from your symptoms. Here are some of the top ways to address postpartum depression naturally.

Postpartum depression is a serious condition that you should discuss with your medical provider.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a wonderful way to care for your physical and mental health. Massage not only offers physical benefits but can also help lower the stress hormone cortisol. Some studies indicate that massage can lower cortisol by 31%, giving you much-needed relief.

You don’t even have to wait until your baby arrives to reap the benefits of massage. Prenatal massage therapy also can help you avoid postpartum depression.

Join a New Parent Support Group

Life as a new parent can be lonely and overwhelming. There is nothing like having someone to talk to who really understands all the ups and downs of this role.


A parent support group can help you connect with other new parents and find the friendships you need at this stage of your life. Having this community can alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness. If you happen to be in the Portland Metro area, we invite you to check out our support group. And for a community that you can access anywhere, Psyched Mommy offers all kinds of support and tips on their Instagram page.

Having a community of moms to connect with a great way to address postpartum depression naturally.

Get Some Fresh Air and Exercise

Caring for a newborn is a 24/7 job that allows little time for sleep and self-care. Many new parents are so immersed in the feeding/sleeping/bathing/burping cycle that they forget to come up for air now and then. 

Something as simple as a 15-minute walk can help you reset your emotions. And if it happens to be sunny, you’ll get a vitamin D boost, too. This nutrient helps ward off depression. Along those lines, vitamin D and omega-3/DHA supplements can also help combat and address postpartum depression naturally.


If you’re able to have someone watch your baby, you can enjoy some solo time in the fresh air. If not, grab the stroller or baby carrier and get outside for a few minutes to focus on your well-being. These breathing exercises can also help calm your mind no matter where you are. 

Visit with a Counselor

Counseling can be a crucial part of postpartum support.

Counseling helps many people who suffer from depression. Therapy provides a safe place to share your feelings – all of them – without judgment. A counselor also can offer tips and exercises for handling postpartum depression and connect you with other services as needed. Check out our trusted resources page for perinatal-focused therapists in the Portland area.

Get the Help You Need

If you have postpartum depression, it is important to keep seeking treatment until you find something that helps you. That path may include medication, which doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong. 

Some women’s bodies respond to postpartum changes with severe depression. This isn’t because of any action, inaction, or character flaw. And it isn’t something that can be willed away. 

If you have severe depression, talk with your healthcare practitioner. Reach out to access as much support as you need in whatever form helps you. You deserve to feel better.

At Jewell Chiropractic, we are honored to be part of your postpartum care. We offer chiropractic care, massage therapy, and a variety of supports to help you and your growing family. Make your appointment today.

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