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Chiropractic care for the early years

Today’s parents are more concerned than ever about the adverse effects our current medical model has on their children. Are you asking, “what is a safer alternative to the chronic use of prescription drugs?” More and more there is a desire to find types of care that will allow kids to live healthily and build their immune system naturally. A chiropractor who specializes in infants and children can help support your newborn's development in a safe, natural and gentle way.


Treatment for Newborns

Babies have an innate biological knowledge of how to be born, but sometimes things don't go according to that innate plan. Structural imbalances can occur in the uterus from misalignment in mom's pelvis, muscular and ligament imbalance or uterine torsion. All of this can lead to what we call intrauterine constraint, which can restrict or limit babies movements in utero, getting them into a not so ideal position for birth.

Newborn chiropractic treatment is extremely gentle. My treatments are a combination of craniosacral technique (CST) and chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments are nothing like their adult counterparts, and the maximum force used is 5 grams, about the weight of a nickel.

Treatments are done in a multitude of positions, in the parent's lap, my lap, while feeding, or on the chiropractic table. Babies may become more emotional during treatments or sleep right through them. It is not uncommon for infants to sleep deeper and heavier, especially after their first treatment.

Infant Chiropractic Care

Conditions commonly treated in newborns:

Fussy, hard to soothe babies

Babies who seem uncomfortable in their bodies

Babies who have digestive or elimination difficulties



Spitting up

Breastfeeding problems

Difficult latching



Latch problems that contribute to sore nipples for moms

Babies who favor turning their heads to one side

Babies who favor one breast or position for nursing

Babies who seem overly sensitive

Babies who hate tummy time

Teething babies

Non-sleeping babies



Treatment as your child grows

As babies grow into toddlers and then children their bodies and brains are hard at work developing. Think of the brain continually sending signals to the body via the spinal cord and vertebral nerves. If there is nerve interference from vertebral subluxation these messages are not being received optimally. Think of a kink in a hose and how the water coming out of that hose dwindles down until you release that kink and get things flowing optimally again. In addition to that, we have the alignment of those bones to consider. At birth, we have approximately 270 different bones connected by cartilage tissue and joints. Ideally, by the time we reach adulthood some of those bones have grown and fused together into 206 different bones. Allowing all this growth to happen in proper alignment and optimal function sets your child up for the best possible physical health.

I always recommend a check in with every major milestone. Learning to sit, crawl, stand and walk, as well as after any big falls or injuries to ensure that as your child develops they are properly aligned and functioning optimally.

As children grow they take on more adult postures and habits. In today's technological world kids and teens are developing adult postural problems earlier and earlier. Early and regular treatment to help them learn proper posture and prevent chronic problems from even beginning can make a huge difference in their everyday lives.

I always ask a child to describe how their body is feeling before treating them, which is important for children in developing body self-awareness. Treatment does not always resemble an adult treatment but is always a much gentler force than with adults.

Chiropractic care for children may help with:

Frequent ear infections

bed wetting


neck and back pain





unexplained irritability


sports injuries


Take care and live a life of wellness.

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