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Lactation Support for Every Feeding Journey

Cascadia Lactation is here to help you with any and all challenges associated with feeding your baby. From visits before your baby is born to talk about any concerns you have and create a good plan for the immediate days following birth, to weaning consults when you are ready to wean from breast/chest feeding, and everything in between; that can include pain with feeding, low milk supply, poor weight gain, gassy babies, unmanageable schedules, and anxiety.

We work with all families and many different methods of feeding, from exclusively breast/chest feeding, combo feeding, or exclusive bottle feeding whether human milk or formula. We are here to help you feel better about feeding your baby.

About Ashley Treadwell

Ashley Treadwell is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), blogger on the topic of breast/chestfeeding, and advocate for judgment-free feeding support for all parents.

Ashley completed her lactation consultant training and certification at University of California, San Diego, including clinical training at the Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns and the outpatient clinic at Kaiser Family Health Services. She also holds a Bachelors in Sociology from University of California, Davis. Ashley’s family moved to the beautiful city of Portland during the summer of 2016, where she continues her work helping families meet their feeding goals.

Prior to moving to Oregon, Ashley lived in Southern California where she worked as a lactation specialist for the San Diego Breastfeeding Center. She loves needlepoint, exercising, reading, everything related to cooking and feeding her family, spending time with her two fantastic kids and friends, and bad reality television.

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