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March 31, 2019


nutrition for women

Nutrition is a hot button topic, especially for women. While on the flip side of that coin we know that nutrition for women, especially in their childbearing years, is so important. It makes the stakes feel even higher and it’s hard to know what’s right. Whole 30, Keto, paleo, gluten free, dairy free, intermittent fasting, cleanses… With so many options out there how are any of us supposed to decide how to eat? It really can be overwhelming. What if we try to get back to the basics? And by basics I mean, eating like your grandmother ate. Okay, so your Grandma loves liver? Mine too. And maybe you’re not into that, that’s okay, I’m not either.

I am talking about getting back to the basics, eating real foods like meats, fish, butter, broth, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. This may sound like more work to you but in some ways it’s so much simpler. Going back to the basics means less meal planning, simple meal preps and buying seasonal means less time hunting the stores for specific ingredients for complicated recipes. A hearty meal of roasted vegetables and chicken with the skin takes seconds to think of and minutes to prep. Smashed avocado on whole wheat toast with a fried egg takes a little longer to make than a bowl of cereal, but less time to eat and is easier to take on the go.

Eating a meal full of different colors, with fresh and seasonal foods, is more nourishing for your body. Cutting out fats or carbs because of their bad reputation, (cue T. Swift), in hopes that it will help you loose the pounds will in actuality leave your body still craving those sources of nourishment which may turn into an Oreo binge at 11pm. A well balanced meal can curb cravings, will help regulate your mood, and gives your body a sustainable energy source to tackle all of your mom callings. And did I mention how tasty it is to eat fresh food?!

If this still sounds too daunting then turn the focus away from adding new foods in and start being more mindful of foods that aren’t going to serve you.  figuring out nutrition for women doesn’t have to be a herculean task. In other words, instead of trying to create new habits, we can look at adjusting current habits. The biggest culprits for moms are things from a box, leftovers on your kids plate, soda or coffee.

Here are some helpful tips from my book, The Unstoppable Mom:

  • Work on being more mindful of what you’re grabbing.
  • nutrition for womenAre you a high-chair grazer? Grab a plate, you deserve your own mama
  • Flip your meal triangle upside down
  • Switch out that afternoon coffee that you think is getting you through the rest of the day. When that afternoon slump hits reach for a liquid B12 supplement or a cup of Green Tea for a quick energy boost.

Body image and food habits are not an easy topic. Eating a more well balanced diet takes time. Be gentle with yourself as you explore new ways of engaging with food. Take pauses when you can to check in with your body. Often times it will tell you exactly what it needs.

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