Prenatal Chiropractoric Care


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Pregnancy is an amazing time in a women’s life

You are undergoing a myriad of changes physically, mentally and emotionally. Many women look for alternatives to pain medications and drugs during pregnancy.

Seeing a prenatal chiropractor is a safe and natural alternative for pain relief to complement your other prenatal care, to help your system function at 100%.


Common issues that respond well to prenatal chiropractic care include:

◆ Low back pain

◆ Pelvic pain

◆ Pelvic heaviness or bulging

◆ Incontinence

◆ Diastasis recti

◆ Hip pain

◆ Rib pain

◆ Pubic symphysis pain

◆ Round ligament pain

◆ Fetal positioning concerns

How a prenatal chiropractor can help you during pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body's center of gravity changes. This can cause musculoskeletal tension and imbalance, resulting in pain or intrauterine constraint.

The Webster Technique is a pelvis balancing protocol designed to align your pelvis, hips, and low back, allowing for the uterus's proper function and supporting structures.

Visiting a chiropractor trained in prenatal care can help re-align the bones and joints of the pelvis, reduce muscular and ligament tension and eliminate this intrauterine constraint, reducing pain and discomfort for you, giving your baby the space to get into optimal birth positioning.

This protocol often reduces labor times and dystocia (i.e., difficult labor), allowing for less chance for intervention. Learn more about the Webster technique here.


Birth preparation for a natural childbirth

There are many options for expecting mothers to prevent complications in the pregnancy and prepare for natural childbirth or VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). Many of these involve strengthening the core and pelvic floor to make carrying your growing baby easier on your body, as well as setting you up for faster postpartum recovery.

Our doctors also work with you on birth prep with what we call ‘Breathing Out Baby’ teaching you how to use your core muscles and pelvic floor to full advantage during birth and help prevent complications like stalled labor, tearing and prolonged pushing times.

How can a prenatal chiropractor help you?

Preventing core dysfunction and pelvic floor dysfunction through rehab


Core and pelvic floor dysfunction are two common issues during pregnancy.

Core dysfunction occurs when the abdominal muscles lack strength or core muscles don't work well together in a balanced and coordinated way.

The pelvic floor consists of several muscles that support the pelvic organs like a sling. Coordinated contracting and relaxing of the pelvic floor muscles control bowel and bladder functions, as well as keeping your organs in place throughout your lifetime!

Pelvic floor dysfunction occurs when you're unable to engage or correctly relax and coordinate the muscles in your pelvic floor to urinate or to have a bowel movement for things like going to the bathroom, sneezing and running around after your little one. Other symptoms like heaviness or pain with penetration could also be related to pelvic floor dysfunction.

Another issue that can occur with pregnancy is diastasis recti or ab separation, which you may notice if you experience doming of the stomach when you sit up or bend down.

Prolapse, a condition in which the uterus, bladder or rectum falls down into the vaginal canal, is an uncommon but potentially serious issue preventable with the proper care.

If you had a severe tear during your first birth and are worried about the pelvic floor during your next vaginal delivery, taking proactive measures is highly recommended before, during or after pregnancy.

At Jewell Chiropractic, our doctors have special training in prenatal core and pelvic floor therapy. We can identify and correct dysfunction before it wreaks havoc on your body.

We love to advise you on safe exercises for your body during pregnancy, which may differ from another pregnant person's body. We will give you prenatal chiropractor guidelines so you can decide what is safe and feels good to do during pregnancy and postpartum.

Along with adjustments and alignment, muscular and core strengthening can play an integral role in not only your pregnancy but your recovery as well.

We love working with moms on strengthening during and after their pregnancy. Get in touch to speak about prenatal chiropractor care today.


Take care and live a life of wellness.