Pregnancy and Prenatal Chiropractic Care

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Pregnancy is an amazing time in a women’s life

You are undergoing a myriad of changes physically, mentally and emotionally. Many women look for alternatives to pain medications and drugs during pregnancy. Seeing a prenatal chiropractor is a safe and natural alternative for pain relief to complement your other prenatal care, with the aim of helping your system function at 100%.


Common issues that respond well
to prenatal chiropractic care include:

◆ Low back pain

◆ Pelvic pain

◆ Hip pain

◆ Rib pain

◆ Pubic symphysis pain

◆ Round ligament pain

◆ Fetal positioning concerns

During pregnancy, the bodies center of gravity changes. this can cause musculoskeletal tension and imbalance resulting in pain or intrauterine constraint. The Webster Technique, is a pelvis balancing protocol designed to align the pelvis, hips and low back, allowing for proper function of the uterus and it’s supporting structures.

Visiting a Chiropractor trained in prenatal care can help re-align the bones and joints of the pelvis, reduce muscular and ligament tension and eliminate this intrauterine constraint, reducing pain and discomfort for mom as well as giving baby the space to get into optimal birth positioning. This protocol has been shown to reduce labor times and dystocia (i.e. difficult labor) which allows for less chance for intervention. Learn more about the Webster technique, here.

Along with adjustments and alignment, muscular and core strengthening can play an integral role in not only your pregnancy but your recovery as well. I love working with moms on strengthening during and after their pregnancy.


Take care and live a life of wellness.

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