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September 29, 2021



It’s been a long nine months, and you’re finally ready to meet your new baby! You’ve been looking forward to the day for so long.

But once it arrives, something feels off. Your body is still recovering from being pregnant for all those months, and now you have a newborn to take care of too.

Prenatal chiropractic care can help to make the process of postpartum recovery easier and faster. Prenatal chiropractors focus on making your body as healthy and strong as possible before birth, during labor, and after delivery.

Dr. Lisa Jewell — founder of Jewell Chiropractic in Portland, Oregon — has helped hundreds of mamas with easier and faster postpartum recoveries.

“I work with new mothers every day in my practice,” she says. “Many moms struggle with pain and fatigue. But prenatal chiropractic care can help make carrying your growing baby easier on your body, and it can set you up to recover better after giving birth!”

Here are three of Dr. Lisa’s top tips for a faster, healthier postpartum recovery.

Plan for postpartum recovery, not just birth.

Pregnancy isn’t only about growing a human being. It’s also about preparing both of you to meet each other and begin your lives together outside of the womb.

Don’t use the “wait and see” approach with your body after birth. Your postpartum recovery is as individual as you are, so plan for it!

Prenatal chiropractic care can help ensure that your baby’s journey into this world goes smoothly, and will also support a healthy transition afterward — through labor, delivery, and beyond.

Learn different breathing techniques and labor positions to reduce risk of tearing and medical interventions.

During labor, you may need to use different breathing techniques and positions. Remember, what works for someone else’s body will not necessarily work for you!

Prenatal chiropractors can show you breathing techniques and different positions to help reduce your risk of tearing and medical intervention like episiotomies.

At Jewell Chiropractic, the team teaches moms the ‘Breathing Out Baby’ technique. You learn to use your core muscles and pelvic floor to full advantage during birth. This helps prevent complications like stalled labor, tearing, and prolonged pushing times.

Core and pelvic floor exercises make postpartum recovery faster and easier.

Strengthening your core and pelvic floor will make your transition into motherhood smoother. During prenatal chiropractic appointments, you can learn what types of core and pelvic floor exercises will support your body during pregnancy and following delivery.

Jewell Chiropractic doctors have special training in prenatal and postpartum core and pelvic floor therapy. They can identify and correct dysfunction before it wreaks havoc.

“We love to advise moms on safe exercises for your body during pregnancy,” says Dr. Lisa. “We believe in empowering mothers to decide what feels right in the moment. We teach you prenatal chiropractor guidelines, so you can decide what is safe and feels good to do during pregnancy and postpartum.”


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