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I know there is a myriad of providers, groups and classes out there and it can feel overwhelming at times. This list is here to provide you with referrals for people I have personally met with and would go to for treatment for myself or my family. I want to not only give you quality…
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Covid-19 Update

Our office is still seeing patients during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We are open 5 days a week Monday - ...

Charlies Birth Story

Pregnancy was not the magical experience I had always envisioned it would be, and the lead up to the birth ...
Melatonin Remedy for Sleeplessness in Parenthood

Melatonin Remedy for Sleeplessness in Parenthood

Melatonin could be the remedy you need if you are experiencing sleeplessness in parenthood. Sleep deprivation and parenthood can go ...

Tongue-Tie and Breastfeeding Resource

I love being a tongue-tie and breastfeeding resource for my patients. As a chiropractor trained in craniosacral work, I have ...

Chiropractic Tips for Sciatica and Aches and Pains of Pregnancy

One of the more common pregnancy pains I treat as a chiropractor is sciatica. Growing a baby is a wondrous ...

Pelvic Floor Wellness Postpartum

How to feel your pelvic floor, heal your pelvic floor and live a life of wellness! I’ve learned in my ...

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