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April 26, 2023


Image of a woman with a c-section scar, and she is holding her baby

Anyone who has had a baby via Cesarean section understands the trauma the body goes through with this surgery. Planned or not, C-sections require significant time for recovery. They also frequently result in scar tissue that creates other issues. Soft tissue mobilization treatment can be an excellent way to alleviate ongoing scar tissue concerns.

At Jewell Chiropractic, we treat you through each stage of life. From prenatal to postpartum, our team is here to support your best health and function. We offer support groups and educational classes in addition to our chiropractic sessions. Ready to get the care you deserve? Book your treatment today.

C-Section Scar Tissue Complications

C-section surgeries are traumatic to the body as the surgeon must cut through skin, fascia, muscle, and the uterus. Understandably, healing takes time. 

As your body heals and repairs, scar tissue can form in many directions. It may attach to soft tissue and organs as it develops, causing adhesions restricting mobility.  

Several issues can arise depending on where the adhesions develop and how thick they are. Some of the most common concerns for postpartum folks after C-sections are frequent urination, low back pain, and painful intercourse. These complaints are impactful, intrusive, and can make it difficult to enjoy daily life.

Soft tissue mobilization treatment for c-section scars can help alleviate low back pain.

These scar tissue concerns can persist for years if the person doesn’t receive proper treatment. Fortunately, mobilization treatments are very effective in helping to resolve pain and discomfort from C-section scar tissue.

Soft Tissue Mobilization Treatment Brings Relief

While our “original” tissues form in an orderly way, with fibers mostly going in the same direction, scar tissue follows no such plan. The fibers may develop in all directions, often creating a pulling sensation and lack of mobility. Soft tissue mobilization treatments alleviate the tightness and allow the body to realign for the best form and function. 

This manual therapy involves applying pressure and movement to the soft tissues surrounding a Cesarean section scar. It can include techniques such as massage, myofascial release, and stretching. Treatment for C-section scar tissue improves the mobility and flexibility of the scar tissue and surrounding muscles and fascia.

What To Expect During a Soft Tissue Mobilization Treatment

Practitioners work intentionally and strategically when providing treatment for C-section scar tissue. Treatments can generally begin around six weeks postpartum or when the scar has healed sufficiently. 

During a session, your provider will gently manipulate the skin on and around the scar to help increase range of motion and flexibility. If the scar is still tender during treatment, your provider can avoid direct pressure.

Image of woman's abdomen with Cesarean section scar

Next, they work on the muscle layer, pressing further to mobilize the impacted muscles. Finally, they move to the organ layer, the most critical area to treat. This deep work is how practitioners address mobility imbalances that affect the bladder, uterus, intestines, and other organs. 

In addition to the hands-on treatments from a provider, postpartum folks can also do some of the techniques on themselves at home. At Jewell Chiropractic, we teach our clients how to do this self-care, so they can help stop scar tissue from reforming.

If you’re a postpartum parent who had a Cesarean section, our team can help your body heal and repair, even if it’s been several years since you had your baby. Reach out to us to learn more about your treatment options, or book your next appointment online.

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