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February 20, 2019


stay fit mama

Because sometimes the gym, barre and yoga just aren’t in the cards, check out these examples of ways to stay fit mama! pssst, you may already be doing them!

1. Weight lifting. I’m not talking about hitting the gym, i’m talking about the weight lifting you do everyday, picking up and holding your kid! And how you hold your baby or kid matters. Do you find yourself propping your hip out to the side shifting all your weight into one leg? When your kid is in your arms you have the opportunity to “workout”. Steady yourself equally left to right and feel your deep core engage to stabilize your spine and organs as you hold your little one. All the bouncing, wiggling and twisting to calm your babe is movement that not only can stop the tears but can also hydrate your muscles and help maintain joint mobility.

2. Where are you going and how do you get there? Living in a modern, fast-paced society, we are all encouraged to do more and to do it quickly. Cars are a necessity for a lot of us. Surely there are also times when walking or riding one’s bike is an option. Maybe it’s not all of the time, but can you do it some of the time? Walking is also a great way to catch up with old friends or meet new neighbors, and enjoy the world at a slower speed while learning to stay fit mama.

3. How do you eat or did you forget to feed yourself? Eating on the go makes it more difficult for one’s body to get the nutrients it needs. Sitting down and eating a mindful meal will promote greater digestion and satisfaction with one’s meals. Eating consistent nutrition throughout the day will also help stave off late night eating which can affect sleep quality.

4. The mama pick up. How many times a day do you have to pick up something, whether it be your offspring, a paci, a jacket or a shoe? Each time is a moment to squat like you mean it. Keep your heels on the ground, try not to round your back, reach your seat back and use your arms to counterbalance. Can you think of another time you need to squat? Every time you go to the bathroom! You’re welcome 😉

5. Mindful baby feeding. Wellness isn’t achieved by constant doing. When you feed your baby take the time to savor the moment, cherish their sweet eye gaze, the warmth of their little body and their gentle hand. This bonding moment with your baby can promote oxytocin and move the body out of fight flight mode and into relaxation mode. Your well being is enhanced. If breastfeeding / bottle feeding in general is a struggle, seek outside help from a lactation consultant. You need the nourishment just as much as baby does.

6. Joyful movement! Hugging, comforting cuddles, laughing and smiling are good for one’s wholeness. Yep, I’m talking about more oxytocin. Comforting touch and giggling all soothe the body and reduce stress hormones. Reducing this stress hormone we call cortisol gives you more energy throughout the day to help you stay fit mama. So when you feel the urge to laugh it out hard, surrender to it.

7. Playing with your baby or kids! Play is one of the best ways to move. If you are practicing tummy time with your new babe, get down on the floor with them. When you’re high energy toddler is running around on a sugar high, run with them. When you’re at the park climbing around and pushing your kiddo on the swings, these are all moments of exercise and all these help you stay fit mama.

8. Rest. In order for the body to function at it’s highest capacity we all need ample rest. If you are feeling too tired to “workout,” try laying down in constructive rest pose by laying on your back with knees bent, soles of the feet on the ground. This simple pose for 5 minutes can help restore calm to the body and breath. If you feel energized after then get outside and go for a walk.

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