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June 20, 2024


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Here in the United States, the six-week postpartum check-in is a standard appointment for people after giving birth. The OB or midwife will likely check your vitals, any incisions, and your overall physical healing. What this appointment doesn’t do, however, is examine how your entire self – mental, emotional, physical – is healing and recovering. So let’s take a look at a real six-week check-in and some things to have on your radar.

At Jewell Chiropractic in Portland, OR, we seek to treat our clients holistically, compassionately, and individually. We begin our postpartum check-ins with a virtual appointment when your baby is about two weeks old. Your provider can then help plan ongoing postpartum support to complement your medical doctor’s care. No matter which stage of life you’re in, we invite you to book an appointment with one of our providers to start feeling your best.

The Traditional Six-Week Postpartum Check-In

The traditional six-week postpartum check-in doesn't always cover everything a parent needs.

After you have your baby, your doctor will have you schedule an appointment for six weeks postpartum. This typical window is because that’s the normal amount of time for some physical healing to take place:

  • Cesarean section incisions start to heal.
  • Tears and episiotomies start to heal.
  • The uterus starts to shrink back to pre-pregnancy size.
  • Hormones begin to stabilize a bit.
  • The cervix closes.
  • Bleeding starts to subside.

Your provider will check all these things to ensure your physical recovery is on track. They will also likely give you the green light to resume sexual activity when you feel ready and talk with you about birth control options.

Many doctors also chat with you about how you are feeling emotionally as they try to screen for postpartum depression. They can refer you to a mental health specialist for further support and treatment. 

However, the reality is that this traditional postpartum appointment is quite minimal in its scope. Medical providers generally do not have the time and training to adequately address all of your postpartum health needs. This is not because they don’t care. It’s simply the limitations of our American healthcare system.

What Should a Real Six-Week Postpartum Check-In Include?


At Jewell, we talk a lot about the reality of postpartum life. It is definitely not a six-week timeframe that magically wraps up after 48 days.

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By its definition, the postpartum period is all the time after you have a baby. So actually, it can include your entire life after childbirth! With that mindset, there is no rush to feel like you have met some milestone by six weeks.

In our practice, we use these postpartum weeks and months to help your whole self recover and heal. While some forms of treatment are most effective the sooner we start, there is no deadline to accomplish this healing.

Here is a glimpse into an appointment for a newly postpartum parent. We schedule these in-person check-ins to see you around four to six weeks after childbirth. During this time, we will assess your pelvic floor, discuss ways to continue balancing your hormones, and offer bodywork treatments to help heal your body after such a tremendous event.

These are not rushed appointments that solely rely on blood pressure checks and a peek at any incisions or tears. Rather, we really want to hear how you are feeling in all areas of wellness so that we can help you make a plan for postpartum recovery, both physical and mental. 

Your plan may include any of the following:

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The Jewell Team Is Here for You

Every parent’s postpartum experience is unique. At Jewell, we honor and respect your journey and are proud to be part of the healing process at any time. Our goal is to nurture your body during this season and beyond. You can connect with us and schedule your next appointment at your earliest convenience.

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