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July 6, 2018



I know there is a myriad of providers, groups and classes out there and it can feel overwhelming at times. This list is here to provide you with referrals for people I have personally met with and would go to for treatment for myself or my family. I want to not only give you quality treatment but quality support as well, feel free to check out any of the links below for more information on providers, and check back in as this list is always being updated.

Lactation Services:

 Luna Lactation

Cascadia Lactation


Physical Therapists: 

Body Workers:

Licensed  Therapists:

Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness:

Doulas and Birth Support:

Resources for Women:

If your sex life is struggling or you just want communicate better and feel more connected to your partner, a Certified Sex Coach offers help in a professional and confidential setting to help resolve sexual issues.

A specialty shop that carries and specializes in foundation wear for women with cup sizes D and up, and with band sizes from 28 to 48.

Online physical therapy resource that can help with abdominal splinting and core rehab.

These are the prenatal belly bands I love and that aren’t sold anywhere but offices, they also have a V2 support for prolapse, lightning crotch, labial varicose veins that is great. You can view the products with this link, and then come in to get fitted and purchase.


Barb Buckner Suarez’s Becoming Us 4-Week Class Series is designed to help you babyproof your couple relationship!

Resources for Kids and Parents:

Sleep Training and Coaching in the comfort of your own home with Slumber Time Solutions.

If you are wanting a way to communicate with your baby or toddler baby sign language with Tiny Talkers is an amazing resource to cut down on the frustration.

Your one stop shop for birth support and placenta encapsulation at Baby Nest Birth.

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Take care and live a life of wellness.

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